About WAM Pennings

About us

W.A.M. Pennings is one of the biggest bulb growers of the Bollenstreek and grows crops on 160 hectares of land. We are known for our big assortment and our competitive price.

W.A.M. Pennings has 20 permanent employees to run the business with. In the busy times 80 season employees are hired to help us to harvest our bulbs and process the harvest. To bring in the harvest we use ten tractors which are full time busy on the country. Also there are driving 20 forklifts around the company to take care of the intern transport. Take an overwatch of our company, in this dronefilm.


W.A.M. Pennings is a company who uses as less as possible pesticides to protect its crops. We are from the beginning member of Milieu Project Sierteelt which is a Dutch program to look after Dutch companies when it comes to using pesticides.

We are also MPS-A+ certificated, an international mark. MPS is about working durable, so using as less as possible protecting for crops, low energy usage, and so on.
We are also PrimaBol certificated, a mark of the KAVB, a Dutch corporation of flower bulbs.

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